Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.
— Henry David Thoreau

What is a Jackalope?

A jackalope is a folkloric critter that is the strange combination of a jackrabbit with an antelope's antlers. This American myth of an animal is cute, full of playful mischief, and often fearsome. The story has been around since colonial days and the legendary jackalope runs with the likes of Bigfoot. One can be certain it makes appearances in tall tales told around campfires in the Southwest. It's been rumored that these elusive creatures run in packs and live in remote areas of the west. I like to think my spirit animal is a pack of five or so jackalopes running amuck out west, brave and free.


A Humble Beginning

I've made jewelry all my life, and the process has been therapeutic and enjoyable for me. As a young girl, I loved the beautiful glass beads I found in shops. For years, I gave the jewelry I made to friends and family as gifts. 

Style & Quality

I buy from local Santa Fe vendors and antique shops hosting historical and unique pieces that this region of the country offers.

I am inspired by free spirited, and simple, but funky, looks.




I make all the products for Five Jackalopes Jewelry. Throughout my studies in art I have learned to manipulate metal and as well as clay to advance my techniques. It is a hope to incorporate more artisianal and craft skills as time goes on!


Jewelry For Everyone

People have adorned themselves for ages. Why not treat yourself or a friend? 

The observation and experience of the human condition instills in me a personal and permanent sense of wonder. Life is an incredibly amazing thing to be a part of. Seeing others and attempting to understand them in their journey has been something I have done all my life. My heart is calling me to be an art therapist. I am currently going to school to become one. 

June, 2017

Up until last year, I lived for three years in Portland, Oregon working as a Jill of all trades at a website startup company called Squarespace. I planned 300+ person events, managed catering, facilities, booked travel and even purchased the office furniture and art. I loved the position, and the opportunity changed my life. However, I felt the call of Santa Fe, New Mexico for almost seven years after first visiting in 2010 to see my favorite Uncle.

After graduating from college, I worked in what I considered my dream jobs for my present education. However, I always desired to connect with others meaningfully, instead of through transactions. Through this understanding of myself, I have been seeking a meaningful profession where I could use the compassion in my heart to try to make a difference in the world. Although the profession of therapy is inherently challenging, it is what would truly make me the happiest and most fulfilled.

Creating is a process I can lose myself in. I get swept up by the flow of energy in my focus. In recent years, watercolor has become my favorite medium, as I find the process forgiving and dynamic. A perfect day is hiking with my dog, Maple, and finding a cozy place to sit and paint a beautiful vista. It calms my overactive mind and is a reminder of what beauty exists in an often-troubled world. Creating leads to my best personal healing.

I feel that many people who become therapists have experienced a spectrum of life changing experiences that have inspired them to choose this path. I am no exception. My older brother Chad was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder after a traumatic brain injury when he was 18. His illness was an enormous struggle for my family. Loving and supporting Chad was a unique and challenging experience.  My parents and I followed my brother's highs and lows. We balanced times as best we could, never ceasing in our love for him. Last March, Chad tragically succeeded in his first suicide attempt, changing our lives forever.

In processing my grief and looking at my life, I made a lot of realizations. I crafted jewelry and painted. I journaled and traveled. Ready for change, I sought out ways to be my truest self. I decided to live the life I’ve imagined. I want to be someone who can honor her brother, and so many others who struggle, with her life and her deeds. While I will undoubtedly continue to heal for the rest of my life, I find power and peace with knowledge. I seek it. I also find life’s essence in progression and the conscious continuation of one’s personal journey. Attending graduate school for art therapy is my version of that.

I left my job at Squarespace last August and moved to Santa Fe to follow my dream. For two months before arriving to Santa Fe, I camped in my car with my dog all over the west coast. We went to National Parks, seeing nature’s beauty and meeting beautiful strangers. In the unique friendships I found along the road, I learned that when I shared my story, so many people also had lives deeply affected by mental illness. This spurred my heart to continue and told me that my path was true.

Through my personal experience, I have become an advocate for mental health, but I wasn’t always that way. When my brother was diagnosed, I was encouraged not to tell others for fear of the stigma that mental illness carries. Eventually, I began speaking out. I spoke with people about my experiences. The last three years I have participated in fundraising for NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness. Last year I lead a team, and together we raised $1,700 to support NAMI Northwest. This year I lead a team again to support NAMI New Mexico and raised over $700. I stay up to date on legislation, policies being passed and write to my senators to support mental health services coverage.

I am currently enrolled in Santa Fe Community College for Psychology and studio art. Abnormal Psychology and Ceramics? Yes, please! I will complete the required perquisites at the end of 2017. I absolutely adore being back in school. I have applied to Southwestern College and New Earth Institute, a holistic, consciousness based Art Therapy Masters degree program, for Winter 2018 admissions.

Thinking about my future career as an art therapist ignites my spirit like nothing I’ve ever focused my energy on before. I want to continue my education, learn about the world, the human mind and work to help others. I also want to surround myself with art, the creation of it, and a community of special people and compassion.

By purchasing my products, you are helping me make reach my goals, and I am so thankful.

With Gratitude,